Screenwriting Just Got Better With ‘tableread Pro’

Los Angeles skyline at sunrise, view from Hollywood Hills.

Los Angeles skyline at sunrise, view from Hollywood Hills.

Meetings. Rehearsals. Table reads. These are all part of the production process, and can either be cumbersome at times, or the greatest experience a filmmaker can have. Sometimes, however, constraints can cut some of the more ideal steps to getting a movie made. As the world of film turns further into an era of digitized and automated production, resources are becoming available that give filmmakers a more efficient and cost-effective path to getting their movies made. And each year that goes by, an app comes out that solves a number of problems.

Enter Tableread Pro: the app that allows you to listen to scripts.

Released this September, Tableread Pro allows screenwriters to directly import PDF’s of their scripts to read and listen to on their smartphones like a virtual table read. The app features human voices, film scores, as well as the ability to create and share projects, and to host your scripts in the app.

At a reasonable price of $2.99, Tableread Pro is just what Hollywood is looking for. And this was all made possible by founder Dan Conway.

A film and television industry professional for over 18 years, Dan has been a producer, a visual effects artist, and an animation director. He’s had these positions at Animal Logic, Iloura, and 2 Large Productions.

Dan is also an aspiring screenwriter. His first screenplay, ‘Sweet Dreams’, is a current Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Semi-finalist.

During his writing process, Dan would turn his scripts over in his head so many times that he would sometimes lost sight of how scenes are playing. He questioned whether those scenes were relevant. Sound familiar?

These questions, which all writers face when trying to write that great script, began to pile up in Dan’s brain. Whats playing and whats not? Am I capturing story’s essence? Am I overplaying or under playing scenes? What can I cut? What is integral to what I’m trying to say? How does my story feel? Rather than how does it read?

Plus, like most spec writers, Dan didn’t have a cast of actors to read his scripts aloud when he was pondering those questions.

Dan decided he must solve these core problems. He realized he must go further by creating an advanced app that facilitates not only the writing stage, but the entire production process.

And thus, the idea for Tableread Pro was born.

Tableread Pro automates the reading process of the script by assigning proper characters and film scores from a library of over forty voices and over thirty music cues. It’s really as simple as plug-and-play. However, if one prefers, all voices and cues are fully customizable.

Tableread Pro also allows all members of a production to create and share notes, and gives writers the ability to host their scripts within the app for others to access.

So Tableread Pro is not only for writers like Dan, but it is also a useful tool for producers, directors, actors, executives, and crew. Now Dan can read and listen to scripts anywhere, any time. And you can too.


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